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North Country Southern
Bringing the best flavors of the South to the good people of the North

Super Bowl BBQ Extraordinaire
 No mater what side your on, or if the puppy bowl is more your style, food is usually the best part of the day.  Why not make it the greatest indoor tail gate ever with some BBQ goodies. 
Special pricing for package that feed 8 to 12 guests
-Smoked pork BBQ, Carolina slaw, pickles, our BBQ sauce,
garlic mashed potatoes, caramelized onion mac & Cheese and biscuits.   $65.00  ($6-$8 per person!) 

You sit back and watch the game, we've got it covered.  Let us know your interested here

Office Lunches this Cold Season
Work is hard even if you love it (like us) so take the sting and monotony out of the work day with a whole buffet spread of good eats in your workplace for the same price as one sandwich someplace out in the cold.  

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