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The Food

  Variety is the sauce of life, which is why our menu changes seasonally, and even daily to reflect the availability of the diverse Vermont fields and pastures, New England docks, and the hidden bounty of the Green Mountains.  We can proudly say that just about everything we serve is made fresh in house, be it a small house.  It is our pleasure and we hope you enjoy.  

Listed here are a few possibilities:

Appetizers and Such

Fried dandelion flowers, fiddle heads, and clover, with buttermilk horseradish

Fritters like salmon, salt fish, crab, lobster, and corn, with an accompanying sauce.  A fritter is a rustic mix that is fried into bite sized cakes and served with sauce.

Grilled fresh corn husk tamales, filled with various sausage, smoked pork, tasso, crayfish, and braised beef, mixed with a corn filing

Beignets like lobster, tasso ham, chorizo, roasted chili, and basil.  Beignets are a French Creole type of yeast doughnuts which can be sweet or savory

Grilled albodigas, which are a type of Spanish meatball, made with beef, pork, poultry, and shrimp, and grilled on a stick of sugarcane, corn husk, lemongrass, and other woods for flavor.  Served with a sauce

Fried plantain fritters (Mofungo to the natives, delicious to everyone else)


Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder – with coleslaw and our pickles on a homemade biscuit with your choice of homemade BBQ sauces.  A must have Southern classic

Cuban sandwich - brown sugar cured ham, fresh cheese, house pickles, and Creole mustard

Jerk chicken salad with smoked tomato mayo

Bacon burger, house made bacon ground together with La Platte River Angus beef, with VT cheddar
and a slab of heirloom tomato

Grilled peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, with house made bacon and you can add bananas and honey upon request (Elvis’s favorite)

Grilled chicken with roasted red pepper, VT chevre, arugula, and smoked paprika aoili

Grilled portabelo with pickled fennel and blended olive mayo

Grilled Apple brined pork chop sandwich, thin sliced with pumpkin coleslaw, pickled shallots, and smoked cheddar fondue

Muffaletta – classic New Orleans with house smoked ham and salami with spicy pickle chili relish

Blackened codfish salad with tomato and arugula

House smoke thick cut turkey with chipotle mayo

Smoked Caribbean spiced burger (Smoked pork shoulder and beef round fresh ground)  with pineapple and mango salsa and spicy avocado mayo                                                                                                           

Whiskey brats (marinated in Bourbon and spice and cooked in such) grilled with sweet and spicy onion and pepper jam

Thin sliced slow smoked beef brisket with coleslaw, house pickles, and our BBQ sauce
Fried mussel or oyster Po boy with spicy smoked tomato rémoulade

Smoked lamb shoulder with stir fried vegetables and curried rémoulade

Blackened tofu with marinated green tomatoes and smoked tomato mayo

Burritos and Wraps

Shredded and Spiced Smoked Pork – with homemade salsa, guacamole, and fresh cheese

Grilled Beef Fajita – with sautéed onions and peppers, salsa and fresh cheese

Creole curry goat with brown rice and pickled green tomato jam

Smoked brisket cheese stake wrap - slow smoked BBQ brisket, caramelized onions and peppers, and Vermont cheddar macaroni and cheese all together in a tortilla  

Caribbean spiced pork burrito with grilled pineapple salsa and brown rice with beans

Smoked Misty Knolls turkey wrap, with raw summer squash slaw, and spicy tomato jam

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - with guacamole and tropical fruit salsa, and fresh cheese

Blackened codfish salad wrap, with arugula, cucumber, and smoked tomato aoili

Jerk Lamb Shoulder with grilled onions and capsicum, tropical fruit salsa, and fresh cheese

Rice and Beans- guacamole, salsa, and fresh cheese

Stir-fried mushroom, fennel, and trinity vegetables on brown rice with green tomato mayo
Pork roll, fried egg, and cheddar (a Jersey classic not to be missed)

Cajun grilled tofu with alligator pear (avocado) and roasted corn hash

Salads and Soups

Foraged watercress salad with pine nuts, spring beans, VT blue cheese, buttermilk horseradish dressing

Summer salad with grilled peach, local greens, cucumber, radish, and hazelnut dressing

Smoked BBQ tofu on Three Sisters succotash, which is a corn, beans, and squash salad

Smoked Clam chowder, red chowder with smoked New England clams

Grilled summer vegetable gazpacho, with Vermont goat cheese and EVO (extra virgin olive oil)

Misty Knolls chicken gumbo with okra


House cut sweet potato fries

Yucca root salad

Summer green bean salad with hazelnut

Fresh made Cole Slaw with real vegetables (imagine that)

Southern Potato salad with Bacon

Spicy Cajun fried onion stings

Plantain chips

Hushpuppies made from cornbread or sweet potato.                              
( Hushpuppies are a type of fried biscuit dough)

Heirloom potato salad with several varieties of locally grown roots

Cajun and Creole Specialties

Seafood Gumbo with clams, mussels, shrimp, andouille, and blackened white fish

Fried shrimp bambache (drunk in bourbon) with smoked tomato cocktail

Southern buttermilk fried chicken

Smoked BBQ wings with spicy Creole wing sauce

Étouffée of flounder, mussels, and spicy sausage over rice  

Spicy Creole Clam and Oyster Chowder.

House made andouille sausage

Smoked stone soup – clams, mussels, and oysters in spicy tomato and cream
Whole boiled peal-and-eat crawdads or shrimp

Jambalaya of spicy andouille, shrimp, mussels, and veggies in rice


Slow smoked pork ribs with a classic Cajun spice and brown sugar rub

Grilled pork ribs stewed with a spicy red pepper and tomato based Piquante sauce

Jamacan curry rubbed pork or beef ribs smoked with sugar cane

Smoked beef ribs simmered in beer malt and spice

House Made BBQ Sauces

Sweet Southern BBQ, Spicy Creole BBQ, Smoked Peach BBQ, Carolina mustard BBQ, Spicy Trinidad General Tso’s, Smoked Peanut BBQ,  Rich Pork Gravy, Smoked Tomato Sauce Creole,

Classic BBQ Specials

Slow smoked dry rubbed beef brisket

Smoked lamb shoulder with

Whole smoke roasted salmon

Baked beans with bacon

Whole smoke turkey in dank gravy

Whole roasted cornbread stuffed quail with pickled cherry relish

Corn on the cob with spicy cheese sauce


Jerk spiced grilled chicken
Creole crab cake with creamed cilantro and smoked tomato jam

Mofungo - Mashed plantain and garlic fried in patties

Rasta Organic Vegetable Gumbo

Callaloo – Spicy braised greens with okra

Fungi – Caribbean style grits with okra

Roast goat rubbed with Caribbean BBQ spice

Cuban oxtail empanadas


Strawberries and bananas on a stick with a chocolate drizzle

Beignets with flavors like chocolate, peanut, almond, and banana, with the seasons berry sauce

Batter fried tasty cakes with berry sauce

    And much much... much more
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